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Thirty years of vanguard experience in Learning and Development comes together in the TopTalent LMS platform.

Tapping into thirty years of experience in learning and development, I realized a fundamental truth: learning requires connection. It was from this foundation that I set out to build a flexible, all-inclusive, customizable, and easy-to-use learning platform that connected people to the learning they needed in their professional and personal lives. TopTalent LMS is the culmination of my vision for transformational learning journeys powered by ‘HumanConnect.’

dean Kothia

Dean Kothia

CEO, TopTalent Learning

Former L&D Executive, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Learning maximized by HumanConnect

TopTalent LMS is an intuitive, on-demand learning system for your organization that connects to your goals and business objectives. This powerful learning portal provides access to a curated e-learning library with thousands of training opportunities, diverse learning styles, and interactive, instructor-led sessions.

What makes TopTalent LMS stand out from other Learning Management Systems is the advantage of “HumanConnect.” This is our proprietary, personalized approach to learning foundations that begins from the very moment you choose us as your L&D solutions partner.

We work with you every day to customize, curate, collaborate, and co-create LMS solutions that are scalable, relevant, and optimized for your learners. Our continuous, hyper-personalized support ensures successful learning outcomes that are sustainable and customizable to meet your organization’s business goals.

Make TopTalent LMS 
uniquely Your Way.

Engage with our HumanConnect solutions consultants to explore how TopTalent LMS can be designed to deliver your organization’s specific training and development needs.



The portal can be customized with your organization’s branding and specific learning choices, delivered through a user-friendly interface, for smoother learning experiences.



Engagement-driven courses led in real-time by qualified instructors.



Access a vast choice of relevant learning content that encourages continuous growth while delivering learning flexibility.



A dedicated HumanConnect solutions consultant is available to help create implementation strategies, provide ongoing support, and tailor solutions that reflect your organization’s goals.



Built-in data metrics and reporting give insights into learner progress, course effectiveness, and program success. This enables data-driven decisions that enhance training programs and demonstrate tangible L&D value.



Have the flexibility to create custom content such as specialized courses, onboarding programs, and industry-specific training.



Whether presented in-person, virtually, or through e-learning, TopTalent LMS courses are designed to engage your workforce learners with dynamic content, utilizing collaboration, discussion, and hands-on activities.



The platform’s flexibility lets you combine the convenience of online learning with the benefits of instructor-led sessions.


Toptalent provided excellent customer service. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class very entertaining. I took the CCNA 200-301 course.

Latara Grant

I recently worked with Top Talent Learning and the experience was exceptional. The team is professional and the quality of courses offered is great. All my interactions have been friendly, and their readiness to assist is genuine. Solid choice for anyone looking for professional growth. Highly recommended!

Nabil Patel

This testing facility is very nice, the setting is clean and comfortable. The staff were all so nice and accommodating. I’d hope to visit this location again if I need to certify in anything else!!
Our instructor is a wealth of knowledge! 10/10

Brown Girl04

Had a great time in my course at Top Talent Learning. A truly exceptional team and was able to brush up on some IT skills needed in my workplace. Top notch services for sure!

Zain M

I needed to brush up on some IT skills for my job, and Top Talent Learning was a perfect choice. They worked around my budget and time constraints, and the instructors really know their stuff.

Yash Ahlawat

I recently took their Certified Associate in Project Management Course to help me prepare for the exam and get a better understanding of what I wanted to do with my career. The course was accessible, interactive and a significant addition to my knowledge of Program Management.

Niqat Patel

These are great people to work with. They are professional and offer top-notch courses. Consider Toptalent Learning for your IT and business training. They do a wonderful job. Definitely a top training company.

Michael Kilgore

Awesome team to work with! Exceptional service!

Aafiya Somani

Build Your L&D.

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    All your questions answered

    Do I have to be an enterprise company to benefit from TOPTALENT LMS?

    No, TOPTALENT LMS is scalable for organizations of any size, from small businesses to large government agencies.

    How many courses are available in the eLearning library?

    TOPTALENT LMS training portal curates a group of courses specific to your L&D needs from 40,000
    courses in the eLearning library.

    Can we have in-person classes held at our workplace?

    Yes! The learning platform involves dedicated in-person and virtual training at your workplace as an add-on to the included services. Our consulting team can help set that up for you!

    What is the cost of TOPTALENT LMS training portal?

    The cost is based on the number of learners in your organization. A Sales Consultant at TOPTALENT
    LEARNING can help with that quote.

    Can my organization see a demo of how TOPTALENT LMS works?

    Absolutely! Please fill out the form above to set up a demonstration for you and your team.

    Will we have the ability to track our employees as they go through the training?

    Yes, your customized Portal will allow for on-site managers to review progress and run reports so you
    are always in touch!

    How long does the training take?

    That depends on the skills to be learned and the L&D needs of the organization. We help curate a
    selection of training courses to meet those goals, and then it is up to you! Some courses are only a
    few minutes long, while others can last several days.

    Do I have to be part of a company to take this training?

    No, we have options for individual students to subscribe to our eLearning Library. Please check out
    SUBSCRIPTIONS for more information.